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Nasty Princess Productions is a company attempting to make fun films about the extraordinary ordinary. We want to make weird stuff weirder and dark comedy darker. With a strong focus on the female gaze and telling stories that would otherwise be forgotten and left out. We like unexpected journeys told in unexpected ways, we are also very bad at doing this whole corporate online presence malarky...cos it's just me, Penelope, sat at a laptop typing this out trying to sound better and more sophisticated than I am, what a strange little world this is. Anyway.

Always incredibly fucking professional. We currently run on wishes, prayers and the change your dad left us on the nightstand. Join us in making films out of spite. 

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After making the life changing decision to get a new fringe, a disregarded office worker attempts to get her dismissive colleagues attention in increasingly bizarre and violent ways.

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Penelope Yeulet

Your new Step-mommy & Founder

A rotten corpse of a woman. Penelope Yeulet is a queer actor, writer, and director. Though the multi-hyphenate should not be mistaken for intelligence: she refuses to learn to read, stating "I don't need to read, tell me the title of the book and I will know in my heart what it's about". 

She started writing out of spite and maintains a strong focus on the female gaze and female rage. Particularly fluent in sardonic, hedonistic surrealism Penelope strives to tell ordinary stories in extraordinary ways. With cut-glass sarcasm and an irreverent attitude, she is driven to show all aspects of the female experience, never shying away from the dirty or sordid details, rather relishing in them.

Photo by Paul Sabuda